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@The Volunteers Association
Supports and runs many events and projects planned by the Foundation.
There are five basic areas of volunteers activities.

1. Volunteer Interpretation Section 2. Home Stay and Visit Section
Services such as interpretation, sightseeing guide,and
translation of documents are offered to foreigners.
Foreigners are invited to the homes of volunteers and
are given a chance to experience Japanese home life.
3. Culture Exchange Section 4. Event and Project Support Section
Japanese and foreign traditions, culture, history and
customs, etc. are mutually exchanged and shared.
Cooperation and assistance are given to the Foundation
by multi-talented volunteers.
5. Japanese Language Guidance Section
Essential Japanese language is taught through reading,
writing, and speaking skills to foreigners.
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Besides these areas of activities, there are several other opportunities for participation in seminars and events sponsored by the Foundation.
Become a member
We always welcome people who want to become volunteer members. If you are interested, please visit the exchange center. We will explain about the association. If you agree with our objectives, complete a registration form. We do not accept the form by fax and email.