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 Japanese Lessons for Foreigners
Many foreigners live in Moriguchi. Whatever brings you here, it is necessary to understand Japanese. To help you achieve basic language skills,volunteers are here to give you 1 to 1 lessons.
We assist foreigners to make their everyday living a little easier by answering their questions.
『Japanese Lessons 』

English / Chinese

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写真 にほんご教室指導風景 写真 にほんご教室指導風景
Small-class size
Contents Lessons
Basic Japanese reading ,writing, conversation for all levels.
Every class has 1 to 3 students, once a week
Our volunteers may not have a teaching license, nor may not be able to speak the students' languages.
We provide a room on the 2nd Floor to study with your learning partner during these hours
90minutes once a week, on Tuesday to Sunday between 9:00-18:00.
*The date and time will be decided after consultation with the student and the volinteer teachrt.Once decided,the schedule is fixed.


Rregistration: 300 yen
Lesson: 1,200 yen per term(12 lessons)
*1 set = 12 times (3 month) * can be extended.

Only foreign residents of Moriguchi City
*If you stay in Moriguchi for more than three months, you are qualified to apply for lessons.
To register, you need to call in our office (telephone, fax, email will not be accepted) and fill out an application form. Our staff will ask you some questions and find a volunteer who can help you. This may take a little while to process.
Osyaberi Hiroba
Contents Lessons
Let's chat in Japanese together! Enjoy speaking Japanese with friendly people in an informal setting. Date/Time:Every Saturday 10:00-12:00
Eligibility:Any foreigner *No booking requiewd